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Paul Riley - Kick Back and Relax - Disney holiday - Day 6 – Tuesday 11th August

August 11
by Paul Riley 11. August 2009 23:29
This entry has been written from the view point of someone who has never been to any Disney theme park, not even Disneyland Paris.
It is also my first holiday in the US, and although I have spent two weeks in eastern Canada, I expect that the experience will be very different.
I would also like to point out that this holiday is being spent with my pregnant wife and two children under the age of ten, and so it is very unlikely that we will be experiencing any of the major thrill rides, which to be honest is no loss as far as I am concerned anyway.

After a busy day on Monday at the Animal Kingdom, and because we had promised the kids, we decided that Tuesday we would take the kids to one of the two water parks at Disney World. Looking through the guide books we had with us, it seemed that Typhoon Lagoon was the less extreme park of the two and the one most suited to younger children, so we may the park our destination for the day.

Walt Disney World Resort - Disney's Typhoon Lagoon Water Park

On arriving at the park the first difference you find from the main theme parks is that the car parking is free, I suspect that this is intended as a mechanism ensure that the park does not get too over crowded. The next difference is that because the car park is smaller that the main park car parks there are no trams shuttling you to and from you car.

As with the entrances at the main parks there is a bag check and then the turn styles, and once through you follow the footpath up and over a small hill to the main changing/lockers area, keys for the lockers are paid for at the gift shop. Read More...

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